3oz Sunsational Bingo Dauber Full Set (Eight Colors)

With this purchase you will receive a rainbow of one of each color of 3oz Sunsational, that's eight total daubers! Let's not forget the discount you get with this purchase when compared to a single dauber! Brighten your Bingo with the high-quality brilliant ink of a Sunsational today! Same Sunsational, smaller package. These daubers are 3oz (80ml) in size with a standard tip that is easily removed and replaced.  Lilac, Sky Blue, and Lime Green are no longer available as they have been discontinued.
3oz Sunsational Bingo Dauber Full Set (Eleven Colors)
One of Each Color
Out of stock
Manufacturer Part #:  IC3SSAFS
Weight:  3.10
Price: $25.00

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