Bingo Paper can be confusing to someone that is new to ordering. Below is a list of some questions that may help you in understanding the product a little better.

What is a Bingo face?

A Bingo face is the individual Bingo game, each face will have the word Bingo printed across the top and a grid 5 squares across by 5 squares down with the numbers filled into this grid. The middle square is the "free space" and contains the unique number assigned to that particular arrangement of numbers for the Bingo face.

What is a cut of paper?

This is how many Bingo faces are on a piece of paper. If there are 3 faces on a page then a player can have 3 opportunities to win during a single called game.

What is the difference between case paper and collation paper?

Case paper has 9000 faces within one box, no duplicates. Additionally the entire box is the same color of paper. The number of pages in the box is dependent upon the cut of the paper.

Collation paper is made up of different colors of Bingo paper in booklet form. The number of different colors is defined by the number of sheets per pack, for example a box of 4 up paper would have four different colors in each pack. This Bingo paper is played by having everyone play on the same color at the same time, and tearing that sheet off to start the next called game. So a box of 10 sheets per pack is good for 10 called games, while a box with 20 sheets per pack is good for 20 games. As long as everyone is playing the same color of paper, there are no duplicates within the same box. The number of packs in the box is dependent upon the cut of the paper.

What is an "on" and an "up"?

"On" refers to the number of Bingo faces "on" a page, while "up" refers to the number of sheets per pack. For example, a 6 on 5 up box refers to a box of paper that has 6 faces on a page and 5 sheets per pack.

Are there duplicate Bingos?

As long as the Bingo paper that is being used comes out of the same box, then there are no duplicate Bingo faces. You can check this by looking at the unique identifying number located in the free space. This is not to be confused with multiple winners.

Can there be multiple winners?

Yes, there can be multiple winners. There is absolutely nothing that can be done to prevent the possibility of having multiple winners. During the same called game, a player can Bingo going down the "B" column while another player can Bingo going across the top of the page. The multiple winners, however, will not be Bingoing on the exact same Bingo face.